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Dölberg is an international financial services group with a diversified product range principally focused on providing services to businesses. In Africa our focus includes individuals, families and a variety of corporate clients. We have a registered office in the Isle of Man and provide our services from Botswana, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Namibia and South Africa. The Group offers the following services across the world:

  • family advisory and fiduciary;
  • lending, including asset and trade finance; and
  • asset management to wealthy families, individuals and corporate clients.

Heinrich and Roelf Odendaal who founded the business in 1999, have a family history reaching back more than 850 years. The focus has always been on advising and supporting entrepreneurs, families, their businesses and corporate clients.

Our ethos ‘Become a Legacy’ makes us the partner of choice for private and corporate clients – assisting them to fund, structure and grow their assets from one generation to the next, making Dölberg the solution that will ensure a lasting legacy.

It is often said that the questions you ask is the most important aspect of our being. It is our view that the following is crucial in understanding Dölberg:

Who are we, what is our identity?

Dölberg, as an international financial services business is rooted in family. We therefore understand legacy, ensuring that for both our corporate and our family clients, longevity and sustainable growth are principle drivers of success. Our Vision is to be a leading African group, partnering with businesses and families, to grow wealth.

What is the outcome we want to achieve for our clients?


Transforming a business or a family from one level of success to another requires a focus on implementation. Transformation in mathematics is defined as a process by which one figure, expression, or function is converted into another that is equivalent in some important respect but is differently expressed or represented. In the same token our clients, through a single act of implementation of our services, ensure that their current success can be carried forward to build on that momentum. We offer for example lending services – we must be able to implement in a way that transformation towards sustainable growth takes place.

What is our core value, on what foundation do we build Dölberg on?


Integrity in all that we do. Integrity in its principal format refers to being whole or complete and the quality of being honest. We are not perfect, nor strive to be, we would rather be passionately committed to what we do. It is our belief at Dölberg that to be a leader and to take responsibility in a diverse and sophisticated market that we can only succeed if integrity is the key value in our organisation.