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news2The Dölberg House

Since December 2009, Dölberg has its registered address in Dölberg House, a building which from 1880 until 1987 had been the home of a local newspaper known as The Isle of Man Times, that was owned by the Brown family for many generations. It was stated of the Brown family that their success was achieved: “By dint of perseverance and conscientious performance of every “job” entrusted to their care, an advance was made…”

This protected building contains a number of interesting internal and external architectural features, most notably a frontal elevation that is unique on the Island, described as being in French chateau style. The owners of the building work closely with the Conservation Officer in producing an elegant, modern and functional building, while simultaneously preserving many fine qualities of the original, which they have named Dölberg House.

Dölberg House is situated at 9 Athol Street, a preeminent street in the Isle of Man for organisations engaged in the island’s legal and financial services sectors. Athol Street gets its name from the House of Atholl, members of which were Lords and Governors of Man during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.