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Lending Services

Dölberg Capital assists clients in raising finance in the most efficient way and focus specifically on African clients. Dölberg Capital provides both asset finance and trade finance solutions. We do joint venture with clients in appropriate circumstances. Samuel Coleridge states that “Friendship is a sheltering tree” and we believe that relationships is key in unlocking value. We see our role in financial services born out of risk management and build by mutual respect, bearing fruit for us and the client alike. We provide asset finance services from our head-office in Mauritius. Our African approach ensures that we can service clients in Mauritius, South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana.

Asset Finance (Leasing and Debentures)

Dölberg Asset Finance is regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission. One of the biggest benefits that Dölberg Asset Finance offers is the opportunity to preserve cash or working capital for investments in other projects, instead of tying them up in the acquisition of assets. This is further reinforced with the possibility of obtaining 100% financing, together with a close partnership, to structure asset finance solutions to meet your cash flow needs. Dölberg Asset Finance also offers attractive debenture schemes, therefore creating opportunities for our clients to further invest their preserved cash in these debentures.

As experts in the business of leasing, Dölberg Asset Finance offers you protection against interest rate fluctuations by fixing the rentals during the tenure of the lease. This proposal acts as a hedging mechanism against inflation. Dölberg Asset Finance is involved with cross border leasing, mostly in partnership with other companies or financial institutions.

Trade Finance

Dölberg Finance can provide you with trade financing services designed to meet the needs of your company. Dölberg Finance provides trade finance services to SMEs. Our trade finance solutions enhance your company’s cash flow by ensuring that you and your suppliers are paid in a timely fashion. Trade financing is an important tool for most business owners as it can provide you with the funding you need to grow your business.

For more information please visit our website by clicking on the following link www.dolberg-finance.com